Luke & Carol at airport

This was taken in the parking lot at the Tampa airport. 1/14/2008


I'm a Great Pyrenees male, born November 18th, 2007 in Mansfield, Missouri.  I have 5 brothers and 1 sister which were all cute, but I must have been special cause Carol and Jack picked me.  I arrived in Tampa Monday evening, January 14 on American Airlines.  It was an exciting trip as I've never been on a plane. Jack, Carol an their friend Cindy picked me up at the airport and what a great meeting it was.  I live with Max and Maggie who are Chinese Shar-Peis.  Max loves me but Maggie just watches me.  Carol says I'm to grow big and strong so I can guard the farm when I grow up.

luke @ vet

Luke on his first visit to his vet. 1/15/2008

Luke 1-31


Well today is Jan 31 and I'm glad I live

here in FL, it's cold back in MO. I'm the

good looking white guy. I wanted to take

a walk with Mom, Max and Maggie but

they just stood there looking at Dad.

Well that's all for now

Luke Paw print

sitting on Mom's lap

I got up on Mom's lap to day,

2-3-08. When you're growing

like I am you got to get your

lap time when you can.

Maybe they won't see Me

I think I'll hide here and

surprise Max or Maggie . 2- 4-08

Luke & friend

2-7-08 Do you think yellow

is my color?


Luke & Max Luke & Magie

2-13-08 Max and Maggie got baths today,

I don't think it's fair they get scarves and I don't.

I'm almost as big as you Max.



3-8-08 Sorry it's been a while but I've been real

busy. I go to puppy class once a week with

Mom and Dad [I think they are trying to teach

them too much ]. During the day I go to day-camp

with my newest friends, BJ and Baron.

As you can see I've become a real OUTSIDE dog

[that's what Mom says]. Do you like my new couch?

Luke Paw print


We all got baths today and I found out I weight over 50 pounds

and I'm not 5 months old yet, I'm going to be a BIG BOY.

Baron 1

Hi, I'm Baron all grown up! Luke

and I play together at day-camp.

He's a lot of fun!

Below are a couple of photos of my Cousin BJ. He's a lot of fun at

day-camp also and he's teaching me to be a GREAT Pyrenees.



Hi Friends,

Lukes Grad

Today, 4-10-08 I GRADUATED

from Puppy Class! I hope they frame

my dIploma. Oh yes, I weight about

60 pounds. Well, It's time to go play.

I'll write more later.


Hi Everyone,

Well, I got 2 new Sisters and here's one of them.

I don't think she's named yet and she will not

be staying a long time but she sure is pretty.


Luke's bed
Sorry  I  haven't written in a while but I've  been       
    very busy!  Mom enrolled in a second puppy           
  class and  I've had to try to teach her what               
 she should be doing. BJ's gone, I miss him               
 a lot. Then my Uncle Ron came for a visit and          
 I conned everyone into letting me sleep in                
 a real bed  with him. Now I’m working on                  
 staying  in the bed. I look at home on it, don’t I?       
OH YES, I'm over 80 pounds now.                           

Barno's blow dry

Remember me? I'm Baron, Luke's cousin and today

I'm getting the full treatment, even a blow dry.

Luke driving Max

6/6/2010-Hi all! Wow, it's been a while since I've written but I've been driving Max all over the place, with his short legs it's about the only way he can keep up.

PS. Mom and Dad have been trying to get Ron to take me home with him but I'd miss everyone and he has LOTS of stairs in his house so I DON'T want to go.




Lukes new dog house

9/30/2010-If Mom and Dad don't get me a dog house like this one I'm going home with Uncle Ron.


A couple of weeks ago Maggie, Max and I were playing 'hide and seek' out in the yard.

Maggie's it

Maggie's it!

Luke's hiding

You can't see me can you?

Where is Max

Where is Max?


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