Tree Past the Live Oaks and there is the Bluffview barn Barn


Marcus 10-1-12Marcus & Carol

Mom & MarcusMarcus a

Marcus fan Bluffview
foaled 4/26/2012
Sire: Teade 392
Dam: Ylsje fan Bluffview/Hinke KL. (Preferent)/Melle
An amazingly gentle, friendly, stud colt who moves with grace.
jARED 1         JARED 4
Jared fan Bluffview
foaled 2/23/2011
Sire: Teade 392
Dam: Samantha fan Bluffview/Rintse 386/Renske H Ster/Tsjerk328
A gentle, friendly, beautiful moving stud colt.

Completed Sales


Just SOME of the fine stock produced on our ranch.

Gabe and Geric have moved to their new homes.

Congratulations to Hellen Koretsky 
on her purchase of 
Adrianna fan Bluffview/Teade/Renske/Tsjerk.                                                     

           Divi & J Letry Geric1
Happy 20th Birthday to Divi, shown here with 
her owner Julianne Letry.
 Julianne's herd is growing with her purchase 
of Geric, from Nynke v. d. Kraamstee/Lammert 
[out of Anna 340 of Friesian Dreams] 
He's high headed and big boned. 
He's a real sweet guy.

Congratulations to Robin Anderson, D.V.M.  on her   
 purchase of Aletta fan Bluffview/Feike/Gea/Nammen 

Congratulations to Mike & Mer
Babnick on their purchase of
Thor fan Bluffview/Fieke/Ylsje/Melle.


Congratulations to Jeff and Karen Ferguson on their                                
purchase of Kristana fan Bluffview/Lukas/Popke Fan Bonnie View/Naen 
Congratulations to Sandee Sage on her 
purchase of Bluffviews Seabrooke.          

Congratulations to Rita Glenn on her 
purchase of Jurgen fan Bluffview/Melle/Hinke/Lute
and his achieving of Ster gelding as a 3 yr.old.                
bahret Gabe2
Congratulations to Steve and Cherie Sullivan on their
purchase of our Ster Stallion, Bahret fan 
Bluffview/Melle/Hinke/Lute and in Dec of 2010 
they added Gabe fan Bluffview/Meinse/Oliva fan 
Bluffview/ Feike 395.

Congratulations to Michelle Mautone and
family on their purchase of 
Zena fan Bluffview/Rinste/Nynke 

Congratulations to Catherine Helgeson and                                      
family on their purchase of Tabatha/Yk/                                   
Sabrina/Daen and her achieving Ster Mare                                    
as a 3 yr. old.                              
Congratulations to Mary & Dean of                               
Feather Mountian Ranch on                             
their purchase of 
Kloe fan Bluffview/Wander/Rinske/Tsjerk. 




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